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Corporate Social & Environment Responsibility

DXN has taken measures to ensure its business operations is in total compliance with all the provisions of business ethics, such as the Malaysia Direct Selling Act 1993 and also the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) Code of Conduct. Product quality and safety are key factors to building trust in the brand and ensuring customer satisfaction.

To ensure the effectiveness of our quality control system as well as in line with good quality management practices, our factories are operated with compliance to high standards of hygiene control. The company has been accredited with the following Quality Management System certification :

  • ISO 9001 : 2008
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • ISO 14001 : 2004
  • MS ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005 (SAMM)

DXN also has the myOrganic Scheme certification from the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia as DXN fulfilled the necessary Malaysian Organic Scheme requirements for crops. In addition, DXN is a member of the Water Quality Association, which is the international trade association of dealers and manufacturers/suppliers in the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry. With this membership, DXN ensures compliance to the industry's code of ethics.

For ensuring better maintenance of quality, further steps have been taken by DXN such as the establishment of a water plant for water purification. Equipment that can aid in quality improvement have also been procured such as the equipment for metal analysis. Using this equipment, testing is done on the raw materials and finished goods to ensure the products are of the highest quality. This reflects the company's policy of offering high quality yet affordable products and that when it comes to the maintenance of quality, all possible avenues are explored.

The company advocates the consumption of health food supplements not as a means to supersede all medicinal treatment but to complement it as well as to act as a preventive measure. To further protect the customers' interest, DXN has insured its product with a RM4 million product liability insurance coverage for its worldwide customers against the risk of consumption. This is a testament of DXN's commitment to ensure that it is reliable and trusted by its customers all over the world.

The introduction of DXN's online system allows DXN's customers and members to keep track of their transactions and earnings. The online order system also eases purchase of products. A consumer at any part of the world can order DXN products online and have it delivered to their homes within a short period of time. This online system has contributed significantly to a boost in the demand for DXN products and an increase in the sales of the products locally and overseas.

Information Technology is also widely used in the manufacturing process. To ensure efficient control of the inventory level, the company established a system that keeps track of the inventory level of the raw materials so that sufficient buffer is maintained in line with DXN's "Just in Time" Practice. This prevents wastage of materials and products and ensures the quality of the materials are maintained at a maximum level.

DXN recognises that its employees are one of its important assets. DXN employees are granted fair and equitable terms of employment besides being offered equal opportunities for career advancement based on performance, experience and academic qualification irregardless of race and gender. DXN constantly upgrades its employees' skills and knowledge, enhancing the individual’s competency.

DXN employees’ safety and health in the workplace are one of its priorities and never compromised. On-going training, counseling and industrial accident prevention programs are constantly held to ensure a higher level of awareness of safety requirements are being disseminated to all employees at all levels. Emergency response teams are formed to evacuate and provide aid during emergencies.

DXN also recruits students from universities, colleges and technical schools as part of DXN's internship program for the students' industrial and practical training experience.

In the pursuit of success, DXN ensures its social obligations are not neglected. In its commitment towards community development, social groups and learning institutions have been warmly welcomed to the DXN farm and factory for educational and research studies. Since DXN's inception, there have been various formal visitations to the DXN farm and factory at Bukit Wang, Jitra, Kedah from universities, schools and government Ministries.

Under the Program Kecemerlangan Industri Negeri Kedah, which was organized by the Food Safety & Quality Division, MOH Kedah, DXN had the privilege of serving as a role model of a food industry company that complies to all GMP requirements. DXN's facilities that comply to GMP were shown as an example during the plant tour.

Over the years, DXN has also conducted several charitable programs through its sponsoring of DXN Care activities to orphanages and old folk homes, goodwill advertisements and direct donations to various charitable organizations such as the International Buddhist College, Thailand, and so on. Through DXN's Night Blindness Project in Pakistan, DXN has aided in providing relief and better quality of life to children suffering from night blindness.