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Maliga A/P Kannan & Sivakumaran A/L Karuppiah

Falling into a rut can happen so gradually that you fail to realize it is happening until you hit the bottom. In the wake of so much pain and loss, we became less and less motivated to do much of anything. Slowly, our eating habits became worse until we were regularly eating chips and cookies for breakfast. We would crash hard in the afternoon, struggling to stay awake at work. To compensate for poor productivity, we worked at night and on the weekends, instead of spending time with friends and family.

Every day, we kept on thinking where we were heading, what was our children future and how we were going to give them the best in education and lifestyle, a comfortable home and a secure life. However, now, the situation has changed and we are living a life of pride and freedom; thanks to DXN who has energized us and brought back vitality into our life. During the past decade in DXN, we climbed the ladder of success and helped so many people in terms of health, wealth and freedom. Both of us never expected to grow so far in DXN although there's still room for more growth in DXN for us. It has been a lengthy process of building, creating and maintaining the family network of DXN which has already penetrated into more than 180 countries in the world, with plans for expansion into more countries in the future. It’s wonderful to realize that we have a large network of so many teams in many countries without even noticing the existence of that country or going to that country yet. This is DXN; changing the way of life.

There are so many ways out there to make a ton of cash but for us, we believe in DXN, because we not only get to enjoy WEALTH, we also get HEALTH and FREEDOM. During these past 10 years, we have achieved the status of CROWN DIAMOND, which has motivated us to go even further and achieve the status of CROWN AMBASSADOR by adhering to the DXN principle of HEALTH, WEALTH and FREEDOM.

The key rule we abide by is maintaining a good relationship with our business partners or also known as downlines. For us, we don't think of it as creating downlines but building a family tree of partners that share knowledge with each other, assist with health issues and attain joy through helping the needy, easing suffering and educating the poor to be more successful in life. Our team's motto is always respect and help each other.

There are ample opportunities for business but rarely can you build a business with a family network filled with sharing and caring for each other, which cannot be seen in any other business except DXN. The best marketing plan and the best product in the world give human beings additional years to live and a chance to enjoy life. The best three keywords that we uphold in DXN are “SIMPLE DXN Millionaires”.

Last but not least, we are grateful and thankful to our upline and our DXN family, who are growing together with us to become millionaires one day. We are proud to say that without them, we would not have achieved this level. In addition, we would also like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin, the founder of DXN, for DXN's immense contribution to mankind, globally.